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Please complete the online registration form below and submit it by clicking on the "register" button at the bottom. It is important that you confirm the information in the form, especially your email address, before submitting it. You will receive a return email from ARXE as part of the registration process.

If you have not yet retired from Xerox, please be aware that your membership in ARXE is intended to provide you with relevant information regarding current Xerox retirement benefits only. ARXE cannot provide any guarantee on information relevant to any future Xerox retirement benefits and/or programs that have not been announced by Xerox.

Remember that email is our only means of communication. Please be sure to set your PC SPAM filter/ junk mail setting, and/ or your ISP account "White List"/ "Blacklist" to accept all email from our Domain: ARXE.ORG to ensure that you will receive the response to your registration, as well as our future emailings.... this is especially required for Earthlink email accounts.

Our site will automatically issue an email acknowledgment within minutes of this form submission. In the event that you do not receive this acknowledgment email within 2 hours of submitting this form there is a problem, either with an email SPAM setting or junk mail setting in your account, or there is an error in the email address that was submitted on the form which will require correction. In this latter case, please contact the ARXE Webmaster for help. Please do not re-register, we can best resolve an email problem utilizing your communication with the webmaster.

We would appreciate it if you would not use email addresses from the "free" providers as your contact address for ARXE. We have found that there is a high incidence of blocked and bounced email from these providers, and it creates difficulties for our communication process and great dissatisfaction for the affected member. We will not sell or otherwise divulge your address. See our privacy policy.

You are requested to avoid using Corporate email addresses as the means to interact with ARXE. Most companies prohibit the use of their email for personal matters and some block incoming emails that contain HTML. Please note that the use of a Xerox email address is blocked, requiring the use of a personal address.

We now offer two membership renewal options, so you can extend your membership beyond one year and obtain a discount. The two membership options are: 1 year/$10 and 3 years/$20.

Please send your check or money order to:

Association of Retired Xerox Employees
P.O. Box 27
Ontario, NY  14519

Upon our receipt of your check, you will receive a mail note confirming your full membership. (Please note that we deposit checks monthly and it can take as much as 60 days for your check to clear your account)

Upon our receipt of your dues, you will receive an email authorizing your login ID and password for the duration of your membership. You are advised to change your password upon logging onto the site.

Please note that you can also use your "Bill Payer" payment service from your banking institution to make the payment to ARXE. We suggest in those cases where a telephone number is required for this service that you use your own number.  Please note that we deposit checks monthly and it can take as much as 60 days for your check to clear your account.

Submission of the online form is necessary and without it, your free trial membership cannot be authorized. The registration will be used to match your dues check and confirm your identity. We will retain all unmatched checks for 30 days and then they will be destroyed.

Thank you,
Gail Modrovsky,
Membership Director

The Association of Retired Xerox Employees, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation, however, payments and fees are not tax deductible under IRS code.

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