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Membership Information

Membership Information

Dear Fellow Xerox Retiree,

On behalf of the Association of Retired Xerox Employees, Inc. I’d like to invite you to join our organization, comprised solely of Xerox Old Plan, New Plan, and Flex Plan retirees, surviving spouses, and retirement eligible Xerox employees on salary continuance. Our main purpose is to provide benefits advocacy for the retirees of the Xerox Corporation with the senior management of the Corporation, and to serve as a communication path for the membership and Xerox to carry out the mission of the Association. We intend on being an advocate for fair and equitable treatment of retirees and their dependents, and will work to be of help to the Corporation in whatever ways we can to support it's future success. Our intent is to focus on a win-win outcomes in working with the Corporation on our behalf.

The Association is volunteer run and has no formal affiliation with, nor receives any financial support from Xerox Corporation and it’s subsidiaries. To join the Association, there is a non-tax deductible annual membership fee of $10 to help with our administrative costs. We will exclusively use the Internet to minimize our administrative operating cost by using e-mail to communicate with our members, and utilizing this ARXE website to provide our members with information on Association initiatives, important news items affecting our members, and links to related websites.

Gail Modrovsky, Membership Director

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