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About Us

About Us

The Association of Retired Xerox Employees, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501C(4) Corporation that has been formed exclusively by Xerox retirees for the education and benefit of the retirees of Xerox Corporation. We have as our primary mission the promotion of pre-65 and post-65 retiree views and concerns into the Xerox benefit decision processes, and the education of all Xerox retirees on matters of their benefits and related retirement matters.

Because there are few formal Xerox retiree groups, most of them regional, and there are many Xerox retirees who are dispersed over the US having no way of even aligning with an existing organization, the Association of Retired Xerox Employees is national in scope. Our national organization will not be sponsoring social events, trips, or sporting events as a part of our Charter. This will keep the Association functions separate from those of the regional retiree organizations and minimize potential competition. We encourage membership in any regional organization that is available to Xerox retirees to provide the opportunities for such social interaction, and encourage all concerned Xerox retirees to add their voice to the membership of the Association.

The Association will operate this Web Site as the primary information source for the retiree membership, and utilize email as the means of communication. The Association will set annual fees to support the infrastructure needed to carry out its functions with volunteer participation being the primary means of staffing and operation.

Directors and Officers receive no compensation for their service in the Association.


Retiree benefits are a lifetime commitment from the Xerox Corporation. Recognizing this, we will provide advocacy for our membership and all retirees of the Corporation in matters of our company retirement benefits with a specific focus on our healthcare benefits (Old Plan, New Plan and Flex Plan).

 We seek fair, equitable, and reasonable treatment for all of the retirees who worked to make the company successful during their tenure . We will vigorously oppose any reduction or loss of health care benefits, employing all options including legal action as necessary.



  • To form an organization open to all U. S. Xerox salaried retirees that will advocate for Xerox retirees on matters of Corporate provided benefits.

  • To represent Association members and all Xerox retirees in discussions with Xerox Corporation on proposals affecting retiree benefits.

  • To be an advocate for individual retirees in resolving benefits problems.

  • To act as an information channel for the membership on benefits proposals, relevant News items, and related information using e-mail contact and a dedicated website as the communication media.

  • To provide information and guidance to our Association members in making informed healthcare benefits decisions.

  • To provide counsel to Xerox Corporation on behalf of the membership in the development of and deployment of proposals for revisions and changes to retiree benefits.

  • To align with other national retiree groups to add an Association voice to legislative efforts supporting positive changes to retiree rights and benefits.

  • To provide a website platform for Association members to communicate with other members on matters of personal importance.

  • To actively and vigorously oppose the loss of any significant member benefits.

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