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If you are a Xerox Corporation retired salaried employee, the surviving spouse of a Xerox retiree, or a retirement eligible inactive employee currently on salary continuance or are simply planning Xerox retirement in the near future, we believe that membership in ARXE is to your benefit!  The Association is an educational and an advocacy organization that is focused on providing current retirement benefits information and promoting equitable retiree benefits from the company that we all helped to become an ongoing success. Go to "ABOUT US", above to learn more.

ARXE is a volunteer run, 501(c)(4) not-for-profit Corporation and has no formal affiliation with Xerox Corporation or it’s subsidiaries. Since our formation in early 2003, we have had periodic discussions with Xerox senior management on behalf of its retirees.  We provide advocacy for all of the US retirees of the Company in matters affecting our retirement and our benefits.

First and foremost we are a voice for the retirees who have a right to enjoy the benefits that they earned while making Xerox the premier printing product supplier in the world!

We provide a number of benefits for our members.

Website.... Our website is a valuable source of information for our members. We work to provide important benefits information, news, guidance and educational materials, retiree discount programs, and legislative alerts/ activism.

Email Communication.... ARXE issues regular email communications to all active members covering news, events and activities of importance to our members.

Member Directory.... This "opt-in" directory is for our active members.  It is an  option that will enable members to locate each other and to make email contact. 

Discussion Forum....A Discussion Forum, which provides the opportunity for members to voice their views or ask questions seeking feedback from other members on many of the issues that concern them as retirees.

Search....The Search function, will allow you to search the entire site using specific keywords.  It is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen after you log in. Please note that searching for members in the new opt-in directory can be done only in the directory link.

Our Stories....Do you have a story that you can share about your times at Xerox? Think of those stories that we all swap when we meet for that monthly breakfast with our colleagues. We’ve all heard them, they are “our stories”. The stories we each have about the early “heroes” in the Company, the times we met with certain leaders, the special projects we took on, the special customers we worked with, the pranks we pulled, the happy times and the sad times that are all part of our lives at Xerox. Many of our stories have gone unheard for too long, and as time passes, too many of our stories will be lost. It is our hope that we will be able to provide a special record that will pass along our stories about our Xerox.

FAQ.... There is an extensive and growing knowledge base, FAQ that addresses key questions that have arisen. This is an excellent resource to check before you make inquiries to the Benefit Center or send an email to ARXE.

Retiree Investment Education Resources.... Important retirement related topics are included in the Retiree Investment Education Resources links to provide insights in understanding the What, Why, and How of important decisions and choices that we are confronted with in our next “career".

National Strength.... ARXE has a number of retiree club Affiliates and Local Chapters.

Retiree benefits were started as a lifetime commitment from the Xerox Corporation and over time have been taken away or reduced.  Retirees are no longer a high priority part of senior management's focus and Xerox is no longer a leader in providing employee centric benefits.

Recognizing this, we will provide advocacy for our membership and all retirees of the Corporation in matters of our company retirement benefits with a specific focus on our healthcare benefits (Old Plan, New Plan and Flex Plan).

We advocate reasonable treatment for all of the retirees who worked to make the company successful during their tenure.

We will vigorously oppose any reduction or loss of health care benefits, employing all options including legal action as necessary.

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